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Cyprus: Tired of Talking’ saw seven leading civil society activists present their visions of the ways in which civil society can reinvigorate efforts to reach a lasting settlement of the Cyprus Problem.

For far too long, efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue have been narrowly focused on the leaders of the two communities. As the speakers pointed out, society at large is rarely consulted – either by the key decision makers or by the international community. As a result, important perspectives are inevitably missing from the discussions. Moreover, people often feel alienated and disenfranchised from the peace process and are ill-prepared for any decisions that may be reached. This complete failure to engage with society was seen particularly clearly in the process leading up to the creation of the Annan Plan, in 2004. Since then, matters have barely improved. While civil society is increasingly active across a wide range of other issue areas on the island, it is still left out of the discussions over a settlement.

 Read More here about the meeting in the UK


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Culture is made and thrives on diversity, my aim is to look at it as it enhances our capability to be more open.

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