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The Mosquito that could eat a Camel

Few days ago, I stumbled upon this text

Λυπούμαι γιατί στην χώρα μου, πολύ συχνά προτιμούμε να βλέπουμε το δέντρο αντί το δάσος αλλά και γιατί έχουμε αναγάγει σε παράδοση το να διυλίζουμε τον κώνωπα και να καταπίνουμε την κάμηλον.

This self-affirmation and discouragement makes a point that only too often, how narrow mindedness and habits inhibit us from focussing on the more relevant and important matters.

The thought I was then trying to reconcile, was how then, in this view, would we estimate the idea achievement and success.  Because if we’re inherently not able to see the big picture, how and in what terms can we judge success 1 year down the road.

Hope was restored, and it was in a Cartoon titled ‘Mastery’ by Hugh Lawry (a.k.a. GapinVoid).

Worry about Mas­tery– that is something pre­cious you can actually con­trol. And yes, if you’ve achie­ved mas­tery, you’re more likely to be suc­cess­ful and pros­pe­rous.” Again, MASTERY MATTERS MORE THAN SUCCESS. So go for it. Thank you

Follow the link to the 20 points that will save you from short sighted success.  On Mastery. | gapingvoid



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