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Anywhere closer to having a Europe of Citizens?

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Europe;  we take advantage of its many advantages but the crisis has shown the cultural fault lines.

Unity in diversity, perhaps the weakest euro-jargon phrase ever thought up, has it become the clarion call for less Europe?

Steve Green (a.k.a Prasino) notes that “The Commission produced a very good report in 2010 mapping the problems of the ‘free movement of people’. Their scorecard on progress is a masterpiece of hiding just how few changes have taken place”.

Today the widest European Citizen consultation is being renewed for a report to be published in 2013,  and we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to express ourselves.  Because in the words of Habermas

the most important element in the success of the EU remains its citizenry, which has been overlooked

What do you think? More Europe or More European? – Prasino

Also see 2012 European Consultation


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