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#Cy2012eu European Blogger Approximations

Municipality of Kyrenia  Glafkos Kariolou No dilemas for Europe

‘A means to an end’ or ‘an end in itself’?  As we draw closer to our milestones, we come to realise that all our actions and choices are guided by this double edged perspective.

The who and the what behind any achievement still dominates our apprehensiveness today, yet we will make our own Mr. Gafkos Kariolou’s optimistic quote this morning, that ‘the clouds over Open Cyprus are dissipating‘.

Kyrenia’s Municipality Mayor in exile, is the first Cypriot elect official who was approached about the project of ‘Open Cyprus’ and the mutual support towards the municipality is no longer a secret to be kept.

Yesterday’s meeting hosted and chaired by the municipality, although less staged than we had initially planned for, did achieve to set the tone for future collaborations during the presidency and set out the target for an agenda that will bring together a representation of the blogging community around the issues of a mutual concern.

A decision to bring the community together was taken – meaning, that the BufferZone Bloggers will meet again very soon.

Update 27/7 Let’s drum up some encouragement for this #BufferZone blogger event to become #EuroBlogging event in Cyprus.

About the BufferZone Bloggers – to provide the digital community of Cyprus (bloggers, journalists, photographers, film-makers, etc) with the opportunity to come in contact, exchange ideas, share experiences and get in touch with the radical changes taking place in the digital world.


3 comments on “#Cy2012eu European Blogger Approximations

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    June 15, 2012

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  3. blogcyeu
    July 27, 2012

    Earliest the Better

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