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Entrepreneurs between a rock and market entry

A question into this Entrepreneurial drama that we ask ourselves – and how can Europe help to solve these situations?

Is this ill preparation or just innovations creating havoc for inflexible administrative processes, or purely barriers to market entry. We invite from this platform creative ideas as how and why these niche market situations for entrepreneurs.

Update: Nov 7, 2012

Dear Friends,

Regretfully in spite of every effort made to obtain our licence here in Cyprus we have found that the government have constantly put obstacles in our way and refuse to give us a fair chance. Whether this is a deliberate act, complacency, bureaucracy or simply their “procedure” we have decided to give up the fight after two years of almost daily struggles and move our brewery to Malta who are more than willing to take our venture seriously.  The Aphrodite Rock Brewing Company

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Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company, is Cypriot registered, and will operate out of a dedicated premises in Tsada in Paphos, with 2 years awaiting for permits, may not see the day of light, despite  backing of the usually influential Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA).

“So far it’s taken eighteen months and we are still not open,” he said. “We have filed all the paper work and paid the fees. We completed a substantial check list about 14 months ago. Customs said that everything appeared to be in order and that almost certainly we would have our licence to brew in two weeks’ time. But then it was rejected by customs in Nicosia.”

The family has already invested around 750,000 euros in the new venture and costs are escalating on a daily basis, caused by delays to the start of production. Out of frustration, Melanie and Laura decided to start a petition which…

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