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We live in accelerated time folks

The new Cyprus Presidency of the Council of European Union accelerated launch of the new website 2 days in advance.

The tweets that accelerated the launch of the New Cyprus Presidency WebIn reality the first announcement that the new website was being launched happened when the transitional website stopped responding this morning.

Naturally it lead us to discover that the new website had been launched and so the twitter announcement was spread through our normal daily tweets and published to the Open Cyprus Daily.

And the phone began to ring.  Yes, we live in Twitter times but the phone is still the more direct way to get some tweets unpublished.

It appears that the official launch of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been set for  monday 25th of June, but since such a good job was done and only a few glitches that didn’t require much attention – finally the media team opted to publish the official tweet of the lauch of the new website.

That’s how ready the Cyprus Presidency is, really.

So it's official - website of the presidency
Job well done, although, next time, keep the networking blogging community in loop instead of being secretive – everyone is on the watch for those internet links that don’t work.


2 comments on “We live in accelerated time folks

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