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The Euro Presidencies, an elusive connector to the blogosphere

As guest author, I would just like to use the Open Cyprus platform to express a view point about the purspose of the Blogger Exchange to be led guided/publicized by the bloggingportal.euendorsed by the Cyprus Presidency and programmed for the 26th of July

As such, it has been understood that on the 16th, the agenda and format will be openly communicated to interested parties and sign-up will ensue  on the website of the presidency.

As a refresher to the call,  you may want to go through following articles below

A Call from Europe – The European Blogging Portal
Opening discussions – Unconferencing Nicosia
Reflections Upon past Eu presidencies -The Hungarian Benchmark
The local Call to Cyprus bloggers – An activist view – Cyprus Community Media Responds to the call
The Eu Mediascape – Media and Social Bubbles Analysed
Moving forward with the Euro Presidency and Eurobloggers – Pushing Forward with the connectivity for Eurobloggers
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Also recommend reading, this  practical case that sets a time and place about mixing social media with politicians to the service of a more open democracy, which by no means should be premonitory of what is to ensue in Brussels.

I would gladly wish to expand the expectations for the  Blogger Exchange in Brussels but think these points would be a good starter:

  1. Cypriot Bloggers get excited about Cyprus Presidency
  2. Cypriot bloggers come together
  3. Cypriot bloggers come forward and participate openly
  4. Cypriot bloggers interact and contribute

My take after 2 months of blogging and engaging with bloggers online as part of the BlogCyEU effort is the following:

  1. A cypriot blogosphere does not exist as such, although there maybe an aggregator of blogs, interpersonal relationships online through (reciprocate blogs following) predominates.  It is only recent, through twitter that bloggers are openly mingling.
  2. Participation is not determined by group pressure but by personal choice, which means it cannot be conditioned.

As much as the Cyprus Presidency can be considered as an opportunity to communicate on a grander stage, very few persons have embraced the presidency as social media phenomenon to be affiliated with.

As much as we may listen to speeches about citizen inclusion, Politics, Politicians, and even Presidential massaging –

« aaa kala….. asta na pane 🙂 »

Is an expression that may summarize the general feeling with regards to a desire for involvement.  Although I am confident that there is a latent desire to makes things happen, and contribute to make a difference.

>In the context of Presidency, we can’t escape the sensation that social media for politicians is a one way street, and this is a reality. Even browsing current publications and social media involvement on twitter for example with the #cy2012eu – Is  firehosing (publicising) the #cy2012eu, really what spokespersons ought to be doing on twitter?

The general sense is that we won’t be getting  full utility of what it means to use social media in the sense of creating opinion, discussions, spreading knowledge, embracing themes and developing society, which conditions in my view, the types of contents/ and communication  that the Cyprus Presidency will be generating.

In closing, what is the presidency’s role in the Blogger’s Exchange in Brussels:

  1. Setup the meeting
  2. Make agenda
  3. Publish and publicize the meeting
  4. Fly over someone from Cyprus to represent bloggers
  5. Celebrate the meeting,
  6. Tweet that you’ve done it
  7. RT that you’ve done it

My Hope :

Granted that the presidency will not, does not and cannot, have an agenda about social media engagement in benefit of social and citizen advancement.  I would recommend to being more constructive and using the presidency, social media and bloggers today, as a means to shape the digital agenda in Cyprus for the future.

This isn’t a call to criticize the work of press people and communication team supporting the Presidency – by no means! Anyone thinking that, would short sighted of the tremendous job it requires to lead successfully events happening during the next 6 months.

This post is directed exclusively to the blogosphere in Cyprus as a recommendation to take advantage of the staged opportunity, and step forward to shape the digital future of Cyprus.

You are digital now, become a champion tomorrow.

Identify yourself, become a Digital Champion – nominate yourself. Either as a blogger or as a digital activist.

On 26 July the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised the Euroblogger exchange, an event that brought bloggers closer to the Eu Presidency for debate and theme building.  Follow up on the event here


2 comments on “The Euro Presidencies, an elusive connector to the blogosphere

  1. Ron
    July 13, 2012

    Thanks for this post! Just wanted to clarify that will not “lead” the meeting, we have merely tried to communicate it more widely.

    As is not an organisation but just a network of people, those of us who might be there are there as individual bloggers. However, only some of us actually live in Brussels and I’m not sure who will be in town now that the meeting has been moved to the end of the month. I for example won’t (yet) be in town on 26 July.

    • patrickdh
      July 13, 2012

      Understood – leading, was meant in the context of the social conversation. I don’t attach importance to labels – Aren’t organisations just networks of people?

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