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It’s all in the motivation for Eurobloggers – the case of IronBloggers

Food and Drink as motivators for Eurobloggers, an idea of how positive reinforcement may be put to work.

Maybe this just could be the response to‘s petition on how to kick start a more vivid and interconnected European blogosphere and where the positive reinforcement could concretely come from, without only speaking and writing about it.

We can take good note from our friends in Berlin, not boring themselves with a weekly drink to shake off them writing blues – is a worthwhile incentive.

Because you you should blog more.

Because there’s no motivation like peer pressure.

Because doing things for beer is never a bad idea.

Inspired by Joi und Mako, Michelle Thorne and Nicole Ebber started the ”Iron Blogger Berlin”. Iron Blogger is about blogging and beer. Update your blog at least once a week, and you’re fine. If you don’t, pay 5 € to the beer pool.

As soon as we have collected enough money, we all go out for beer. As simple as that.

If you’re living in Berlin and want to join, contact Michelle and Nicole via and include your motivation for joining the Iron Blogger Berlin!

About « Iron Blogger Berlin

Want to discuss these, among other issues related to Euroblogging? Don’t miss upcoming Euroblogger Exchange in Brussels.

On 26 July the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised the Euroblogger exchange, an event that brought bloggers closer to the Eu Presidency for debate and theme building.  Follow up on the event here

You can also try something new – Live in a Beta World


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