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Capacity building for Twiplomacy – moving forward in times of #cy2012eublogs


The who’s who in Twitter Diplomacy was making mainstream yesterday.

Just as the #cy2012eublogs event, sponsored by the Rotating Presidency of the European Council member Cyprus, was concluding, it was embarrassing fact for us, even that Cyprus was neither listed as a Country, nor on the European map* – especially in the context of the Eu Presidency.

And while early enthusiasts wondered about eventual legacy of the successful Blogger Event in Brussels, it becomes clear by judging the mapping of social media influence in diplomacy (both twiplomacy and ediplomacy Hub), we see a shared responsibility in that PR, Journalists and Citizens, are missing the mark.

The question of relevancy isn’t a tough one to figure out, but the fact of the matter is that the field isn’t leveled for anyone, neither for Citizens, nor for Eu officials.

Our understanding:  we want to look ahead, and work with the evolving Digital Agenda which we believe will be an enabler to make sure that all details can be in place so that mapping isn’t a problem for those wanting to participate.

We would like however the congratulate to everyone that participated for the successful event and looking forward to renewing the experience in the near future.

Also a special note of gratitude goes to the communication team at the PIO, and Presidency Press Center – as well as the Kyrenia Municipality back in Cyprus, without whom, we may not have been involved in the event.

* Calls to @twiplomacy and @B_Mar managed to update this morning’s map. It is our guess that a specific chapter will have to be added by report editor @Luefkens as Cyprus presidency makes more effort in gaining visibility.


2 comments on “Capacity building for Twiplomacy – moving forward in times of #cy2012eublogs

  1. Matthias Lüfkens
    July 27, 2012

    We will include Cyprus in our study once the political leadership has a presence on Twitter since we only included countries where either the head of state or government or their institutions are on Twitter.
    Correct me if I am wrong but neither President Dimitris Christofias nor his government are active on the micro blogging service.
    If it can be of any consolation to you Italy and Denmark aren’t included either.

    • blogcyeu
      July 27, 2012

      Thank you for responding. The case from the beginning was the map glitch Cyprus was not even on the map and not a member in Europe – this was corrected, and thank you for that. The Cyprus presidency connectivity is a whole different issue and we are sure that in the future it will be more operational and definitely as you evoke, it is no consolation that rotating Eu presidencies don’t have more influence to get more connectivity from heads of state especially during their term. Yes it’s surprising that Denmark has no presence after such a good work during it’s EU presidential term.

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