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Cyprus Entrepreneurs fit for European Mobility

Earlier this summer we titled a post – The Entrepreneurs that did not fit into the #Cy2012eu Agenda – never thought that it would have been so premonitory.

A Europe for Entrepreneurs is the story we picked up recently about entrepreneurs in Cyprus struggling with opening new businesses and fighting against excessive red tape by administrations overtaken by approval and unclear license processes. Today’s notice published on the start-up’s Fan page read like this:

Dear Friends,

Regretfully in spite of every effort made to obtain our licence here in Cyprus we have found that the government have constantly put obstacles in our way and refuse to give us a fair chance. Whether this is a deliberate act, complacency, bureaucracy or simply their “procedure” we have decided to give up the fight after two years of almost daily struggles and move our brewery to Malta who are more than willing to take our venture seriously.  The Aphrodite Rock Brewing Company

With all the start-up cries across the nation,  the push for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness for SMEs as an engine for growth,  some can be happy for European Mobility –  A cornerstone of the modern European Union without borders.

What more to say about a somber day for entrepreneurship in Cyprus*.  Kalo Taxidi and happy brewing in Malta.

* Surely there is plenty to say about the forthcoming exodus of entrepreneurs, but in good time.

Update Jan 11, 2013 On the eve of packing for Malta > The Aphrodite Rock Brewery Company have announced that final permit has been granted for brewing upon reviewing license requirements and the Bradford family who moved to Cyprus to set up a brewery in traditional hand crafted ales & “Island Beers” have also reviewed their decision to move to Malta – so some good news on the horizon for beer enthusiasts in Cyprus – Kissonerga-Skalia Pale Ale can become a reality after all.

Update April 22, 2013 The Aphrodite Rock Brewery Company have announced that brewing has begun and bottles will be distributed locally within 3 weeks but direct sales from the brewery will be allowed. Keep yourselves posted 


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