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That media wave that washed upon the Cyprus shores

The new media wave that promises to set the shift for digital in Cyprus.

Biggest wave to hit the cyprus shores

The biggest wave of  media influence ever to have washed up the shores of Cyprus is bound to set more a few disruptions. We can but welcome those that were only too happy living in their own media bubbles, to seize this new chance for renewal and space of fresh air for cultural change.

If the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union was of any service, it allowed for Cyprus Diplomatic corps to get first hand taste of the EuroBubble shift in communication to digital.  It enabled to openly discover the value of open participation online through different social media channels.

If that introduction was of service to bring Europe institutions closer to Cyprus, and how it affects public officers and digital adoption is another story. Today, just as it was a few years back, there is nothing like total immersion to set the scene, just as the wave of #Cyprus mentions on Twitter, which hit the Cyprus shores last fortnight.

Both events have served is for an exponential growth of  personal digital media use beyond social.  An exemplary use of  real-time communication was being made by the President of Cyprus during the bailout negotiations, including those with the Eurogroup.  What seems a casual thing today, is truly remarkable granted the current structure and layers official channels.

*Let’s turn the crisis into an opportunity by making a fresh start to build the future on a more solid and sound foundations

It’s the type of credit he probably won’t be getting now, I can’t see anyone being happy receiving haircut notifications in a tweet-form, yet it does set the scene for a cultural change that is going to be assumed in terms of transparency and openness.

I could also gladly water down that assertion, fully knowing the fiddly nature of today’s politicians, however for Cyprus, it must be noted as a significant milestone to have official communication channels off-line on weekends to be substituted by the president’s twitter stream.

Also,  in terms of how quickly this adoption will happen, it can be fair to say, we’re more hopeful about the digital profile of Cyprus’s Ministry of Energy than the actual impact of our aspirations towards the Cyprus Digital Agenda.

Image Credit: Cyprus Wildlife Crowdfunding Initiative ‘OurIsland’ an effort for Cyprus Wild Life film series, revealing the true natural assets to be conserved and valued in the Mediterranean as a hub for migratory wildlife.


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