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About Us

In anticipation to the sponsored call for EuroBloggers to meet in Brussels, this blog, is fruit of a direct response to the skepticism around the local blogger community in Cyprus and a desire to unify those interested for online participation during the Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council and beyond.

Although an offshoot from the DiverseCyti blog, this Cyprus Euro Blog will be dedicated to the issues arising from  Blogging the Cyprus Euro Presidency, with a particular focus on civil society and citizen journalism.

Euro Skeptic?

We are definitely pro-EU, and with a strong belief that a view from Eastern Mediterranean should be able to enrich if not expand the meaning of what it means to be European.

Although the site is founded by a citizen of the Mediterranean, the idea is that the site rapidly incorporates different view points and writers so as to make more tangible the idea of Europe from it’s South Eastern edge.

Why “Open Cyprus”?

a) To propose a counterweight to the certain isolationism by civil society demands this openness

b) Because Europe demands outreach by all instances, and of which Euroblogging is a strong proponent.

c) Fictional or Eutopian? This is not a search for an idealised view of  Eu or Cyprus, it’s taking the path to meet and discover the ‘openness’ in Cyprus and to document it’s challenges and aspirations.

Why “EuroBloggers”?

The Euro Mediascape is a reality, despite the fact that it can often be perceived as an introvert bubble, it is our belief that blogs and bloggers remain today the most agile and key components to a continued and persistent effort in building the European Online Public Space.
Blogging through DiversCyti for intangible culture in Cyprus, ahead of the Euro Presidency and  the 2017 European Capital of Culture are opportunities to showcase the activism that Cyprus has and to validate the opportunity for expanded participation of Civil Society in media.
If you want to get in touch, email us blogcyeu [@] or leave us a comment in the contact section.


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