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Blogging the Cyprus Presidency

Aspirations to New Connections and New content

The essential challenge is to transform the isolation and self-interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole.

Peter Block

Blog CyEU2012 was the first open space conversation, organised around the opportunity to co-create some dimension of the community’s expression wanting to be part of the conversations as the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union unfolds.

The idea to curate a space highlighting themes for reflection and the  process of growing ties to Europe, Citizen Journalism and the growing interactivity in the Mediascape.

It is not an invitation to complain or even “solve problems”, yet without overlooking existing challenges, it is the desire to focus voluntarily our attention on existing strengths and assets to express views and opinions on how citizens views can shape and help to build a intelligible voice that can be shared with our extended compatriots.

Initial Steps

As the idea to bring together civic media influentials in Brussels emerged (a call from Europe), it made sense to us that an initial EuroBlogging effort in Cyprus did have to emerge with the objective to carry the message and agglutinate authors with a desire for participation. Among early adopters  diversecyti, protesilaos, myriaswords, ccmc – the Cyprus blogger list on twitter made it very helpful to elaborate the list of Cyprus Blogs to follow online.

Hacking the Cyprus Presidency

Hacking or Mashing-up – more than a notion of blocking or boycotting, our sense of the term that has more to do with curating and evolving what is given,  and sometimes taken for granted.  So before engrossing the list of  party-poopers, let’s make it clear, that the digital maxims embodied by the internet freedom declaration comes really close to the principles we would like to adhere to: Expression, Access, Openness, Innovation and Privacy – stimulating, advocacy, engagement and participation.
Thus we’ve come to subscribe to the following events:
  • Unconferencing the Cyprus Presidency, a first call of Open participation sponsored by the Mayor’s office of the Kyrenia Municipality, where the first briefing about the Cyprus Presidency was shared with the Press Officers (PIO) reponsible for communication and press relations was celebrated in Nicosia. An event that was to set the agenda of participation in Brussels.
  • Eurobloggers Exchange, hosted by the Cyprus Presidency, a perfect stage ‘hang-out’ with the Presidency and getting a feel for ediplomacy in the context of Europe with invited bloggers.

We are looking forward to be adding to this list shortly as our agenda and purpose unfolds in the context of blogger outreach and influencing the digital agenda.

blogging Cyprus Euro Presidency 2012


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