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Message to the Cyprus Tourism Trade

Originally posted on Travel Freely:
Cyprus Re-find yourself! Shine as the hub that you have always been. Jean-Claude Baumgarten, Chairman and CEO of CREWE Associates, and former President of the…

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Croatia – sources of information

The Collection from Croatia – timely and welcomed

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Limni Bay development not at any price

Originally posted on Cyprus.Diverse.City:
To the Cyprus Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Socratis Hasikos & the Shacolas Group Stop the environmental encroachment for development of THE LIMNI SITE by…

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The week on the EP Library’s blog: “We’re here, we want to work, let’s go!”

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End of the road of 3 semi-governmental organisations without any consolation

Suspended operation of three semi-governmental organizations, the Cyprus Milk Industry Council, the Cyprus Wine Products Council and the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board and their responsibilities transferred to the Department of … Continue reading

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A year dedicated to active citizens and a contested CNA paywall

Citizen participation in society, the freedom of expression and the right to information is one of the most basic elements of a democratic society. Especially in the times we live in, … Continue reading

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The Role of Mass Media in the Settlement of the Cyprus Problem

Originally posted on Cyprus Community Media Centre:
By Orestis Tringides This is a short version of an article included in the publication “Managing Intractable Conflicts: Lessons from Moldova and Cyprus”…

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Cyprus- Why Krugman got it wrong

Originally posted on Η πελλάρα εν ΠΟΛΛΩΝ λογιών:
Much like the the last time I disagreed with Krugman, disagreement is of the “yes, but” variety. The last time, he was telling off austerity, but I…

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Going local III – Digital Agenda Europe in Review

Digital Agenda arrived and the Going Local III event is meant to me the digital launch pad for Digital Agents Here below you have presented the contextual information about the … Continue reading

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George Lakkotrypis appointed to new Cyprus ministry of Energy, Commerce, industry and Tourism

A re-baptized ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism to welcome newly appointed minister George Lakkotrypis Mr. Lakkotrypis has an undeniable link to the development of innovation in Cyprus BlogCyEu‘s … Continue reading

February 28, 2013 · 1 Comment

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