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The unique factors to Cyprus

Are there any unique factors to Cyprus, such as cultural ones, which will help guide and enhance the Presidency?

Well, filoxenia, which is one of the traits of the Cypriot people that we take pride in, is one of the fundamental concepts of our Presidency. The official translation in English for filoxenia is hospitality. However, a simple translation is not adequate, as it does not do justice to the concept, whose main element is generosity to the visitor.

Our vision is to have a filoxeni (hospitable) Presidency, for a filoxenos (hospitable) topos (a hospitable Presidency for a hospitable place), not only within the typical sense of the word, but rather as part of our vision for our country, of our forethought for our Presidency, of our hope for Europe. Filoxenos topos is part of our aspirationof a European Union more relevant to its citizens and in the world. A hospitableplace for enterprises, ideas, services, innovation, technology, trade, culture, where growth flourishes; a place where values and principles such as freedom, justice, democracy, cultural diversity and pluralism, respect, tolerance and equality prevail, a space where the young feel welcome and embraced.

Andreas Mavroyiannis, Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus for European Affairs, talks to Marcus Papadopoulos about the impending Cyprus EU Presidency –

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